A double shot of Rooibos?

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When we make a Rooibos espresso drink, it really is espresso meaning that it is as finely ground substance that hot water is pulled through under pressure. When it is pulled this way, the Rooibos makes a proper shot with all three parts: crema, body and heart. This allows it to have enough strength to stand up to steamed milk  when used in lattes. The taste fills your mouth with a slightly earthy flavor with some sweetness.

The espresso shots also give us great flexibility in how we serve Rooibos.  We do a Rooibos Fresh (two shots mixed with apple juice, and iced), Rooibos Americanos (two shots of Rooibos and hot water), Doppio, Cappuccino, etc. If you have quit drinking coffee or are caffeine sensitive, but still miss these drinks, our Rooibos espresso drinks are perfect alternative.

The health benefit of Rooibos is often discussed: it is full of antioxidants and low in tannins. It is valued in South Africa for medicinal qualities and is used to treat colic, allergies, and asthma. When pulled through the espresso machine, it is a concentrated blast of these attributes.

We love it because it tastes so good and is still good for you.

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