Thank you to each and every one of our Backers! We would not have been able to do this without you.


Thank you to the following people for helping us reach our dreams.


Jan and Michele Hattingh
Mike and Sue Nienaber
Jerry and Teresa Wells
Vaughan Robson
Mr and Mrs P
Dani Low
David and Renee
Greg and Sara Beaves
Wes and Elizabeth Herbert
Gill and Steve Heymann
Bill Henneger
Mr and Mrs Muller
Jeanette du Toit
Gary and Amy Barone
Simon Wells
Shelia S
S McRobert
Mattie Lovato
Two Texans
Zahra and Rameez Chatni
Blythe Werelius
Angela J Battisti
Emily Betts
Judy Todd
Geoffrey Thilo
Rob and Kara Leathem
Dieter Ferreira
Tatham Family
Renee and Marvin Silvey
Patti Hulvershorn
Pooline Naidoo Jablonski and Marek Jablonski
Lee Philpott
James and Jeanette van Reenen
Jozi Firecracker Factory
Nandie Oosthuizen
Keith Mort
Sean Rooney
Claudia Kappen