First Week!


On Saturday, June 22 we quietly opened our doors to the public. We didn’t do much advertising to get the word out that we were opening; we wanted to settle into this adventure without feeling overwhelmed. The soft opening went well; we were pretty busy through the weekend and then we took Monday and Tuesday “off” to recuperate from the push we made to finish off the remodeling, preparing, and baking to open.

I used quotes around the word off because we still came in to clean and prepare for our first week open. We took stock of the things we did well and the things we need to work on.  Our numbers were pretty good all the way around, and we received strong Yelp reviews. Our goal is to now get the word out that we are here and that we are open.

The Rooibos Latte was a hit (they are so delightful); we already have regulars, and the community has been wonderfully friendly.  We will blog, keep you posted on things we do and see, and we will get some photos and descriptions of our items…

And thank you to everyone that supported us, helped, and came out to see us!



  1. Wilrie

    It feels like home to me! The atmosphere, the food, the accent and the friendly faces that takes your order makes it a wonderful experience.