Location, Location, Location

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Thanks to the recommendation of our friends Tony and Mike over at The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company, we are fortunate enough to have Cameron Kent from Ewing and Clark as our guide around Seattle commercial real estate. And what a guide he is.

Setting out to open a teashop is quite an endeavor for anyone, but for my mom and I even more so. I love to bake, drink, pour, pull, and teach people about tea and coffee. My mom is the ultimate party planner and interior designer, but neither one of us knows anything about acquiring real estate. We don’t know about seismic loads, sprinkler systems, ADA bathroom requirements, kitchen celling height expectations, permits and general government regulations– but Cameron? He does. And he shares his knowledge with us as he guides us one step as a time through the process.




Thank you, Cameron. We found the perfect spot in Upper Queen Anne.

1417 Queen Anne Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109

It is such a cozy space and we love it.

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