Magnetic Car Signs And You

 The first question you may ask yourself is using magnets on my car for me? Well the short answer is yes! There are many different uses for magnets on a vehicle. The very first is to have a hidden key in a magnetic box that only you will know the location of. This ensures if you ever do accidentally lock your keys in the car you are not having to call a locksmith to open your vehicle for you. These can become almost like cheap car magnets you could choose the type of box and the area on the vehicle you want to place it.

 Then there are the magnetized signs that you can purchase for your vehicle to actually advertise your business if you have one, these can be small to bigger sizes that will cover an entire door, side, hood, back end, and even the roof of the vehicle.

 The automobile magnet can even be used to show off a person’s own unique style. The vehicle magnets could show your favorite movie character, band, show, or even a funny saying that expresses you as an individual. The ideas are limitless for what am individual can come up with and the artistic notion they can imprint on their car magnet signs.

 There are vehicles on the road today that unfortunately you can not use magnetic car signs on. This list contains cars such as the Land Rover, the Range Rover, and the Honda Insight just to name a few. This is due to what the vehicle is constructed out of and the magnets will not adhere properly. This however will not stop you from using a decal there are many auto decals on the market that would work on these car’s just as well as vehicle magnets.

 The way to test your vehicle can be done in a very simple way. The use of a magnet that is used in a refrigerator. The other sure way to know is to call your local dealership and to refer back to your owners manual on the vehicle. When using these steps before you purchase some car magnet signs will save you some cash in your pocket.

 In recent times some business owners will even pay you a sum of money to use magnetic signs on your vehicle to actually advertise on. The idea is that your are basically renting out your vehicles exterior just as a billboard owner may rent out his space to a business to advertise on. The idea is to make sure you are okay with what is being advertised on your vehicle and for how long this automobile magnet will be on your vehicle.

 The next question is durability in other words how long do magnetic signs for cars last? The short answer to that is anywhere between one to three years depending on if the proper maintenance is taking care of. The magnetic sign should be first applied to a surface that is clean, if you apply it over dirt or dust then you may end up scratching your paint. There are times that you may wish to remove the magnetic signs to clean them with mild soap and water and clean the spot on your vehicle where the magnet will go back on. The other caveat with magnetic car signs is that extreme heat can damage them, yes you can put them on your hood and roof but be aware that these signs can become damaged sooner than ones placed on the sides and rear of your vehicle.

 There also may come a time when you do not want your magnetized signs on your vehicle. When removing the magnet always be very careful not to fold or bend the sign itself, if this happens the sign will no longer adhere properly and can result in it falling off and losing it. To keep it in good shape remove the sign and keep it on a flat surface and make sure the magnet sides are not touching each other, make sure the place is cool and not in direct sunlight. There are ways to store using the flat surface of something metal such as a file cabinet or even the side of a refrigerator, this depends entirely upon you and the space you have available to store your signs.

 In conclusion as you have read there are many uses for magnetic signs for cars and you can even make a few dollars by renting out the space on your vehicle to advertisers.

The artistic ideas are only limited to your imagination and your personal preference.