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Tea, Coffee and Pastries and Lunch are served all day.
Our menu choices rotate on a weekly basis. Items listed here are some of our specialties that you are likely to see on the daily menu.

Pastries and Cookies

Koeksister (a syrup soaked doughnut)
Melktert (a custard tart)
Hertzog Tea Cakes (jam filled, coconut cookie)
Tipsy Tart (brandy tart)
Crunchies (oatmeal butter cookie)
Malva Pudding (Caramelized sponge cake)
South African Lemon Meringue Pie
South African Fudge
Seasonal Rusks
Ystervarkies (chocolate and coconut dipped cake)
Shortbread cookies with lemon curd and a blueberry
Pineapple Fridge Tart (Refreshing lemon and pineapple tart)
Romany Creams (Chocolate and coconut cookie)
Peppermint Crisp Tart (Caramel and cookie crumble tart with swirls of peppermint chocolate)

Sausage Rolls
Bacon and Cheese Muffins
Seasonal Quiches
Seasonal Savory Scones

Tea Sandwiches
Curry Chicken
Cranberry Chicken
Cucumber Cream Cheese
Egg Salad

Lunch Items
Toasted Sandwiches

Bacon and Banana
Ham Cheese and Tomato
Cheese Tomato and Onion
Jam and Cheese
Curried Mince (ground beef)
Savory Mince
Chicken and Mayonnaise

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