Move your Advertising for Maximum Exposure with Car Magnets

What’s better than a billboard? A moving billboard! Magnetic signs for cars will advertise everywhere you go. Low cost magnetic signs starting under $10 have a life expectency of 3-5 years and is one of the most effective forms of advertising.

You might be thinking that’s great but sometimes you may not want an advertisement on your vehicle, maybe you have a hot date, or attending a funeral or wedding and you don’t find it appropriate to advertise, no problem one of the many great attributes of car magnets is they are not permanent and can easily be removed nor do they cause damage to your car’s paint. Similiar to a magnet for your refrigerator you can take the vehicle magnets on and off as desired.

The flexible automobile magnet signs are designed for metal surfaces and have a  UV Coating that  will protect from wear from the sun as well as incliment weather (rain, wind, snow).  It will block the uv rays from the paint beneath the magnet so occasionally removing the magnet to allow the covered area some sun rays is recommended.

Car magnet signs are wind tunnel tested so you won’t have to worry about it blowing off your car when going higher speeds down the highway. Assuring there are no air bubbles in addition to application on a clean surface when you install your custom car magnets will provide the magnet with the greatest magnetic grip to your vehicle (please read directions before installing). 

The magnetized signs come in a variety of sizes for use on small cars to trailers and come in a variety of shapes. A most common size for magnets on smaller vehicles are 10×20 inches, pickups and sport utility vehicles are 12x24inches, cargo vans and trailers are 18×24 inches.  Die cut magnets cut are fun way to show of your logo and design and is referred to with precise cuts on magnets. Die cut magnets are most popular amongst business owners with oblong shaped logos.

Die cut magnets allow precise contour cuts magnetic signs to produce custom and professional looking magnets. Another great thing about have an automobile magnets is that are very cost effiecient all the while being one of the top most effective ways for advertisment because they get more views than a stand still advertisement.

You will be multi-tasking at it’s finest, while you are driving you are advertising and the more vehicles with magnets on them the higher of exposure to enlighten potential clients you would never have had the opportunity to reach before of your service,business, promotions, or message.

Day to Day vehicles now take an appearance as work vehicles through a simple placing of magnetic car signs and now low and behold you have billboards all over the city.  Studies show the more times a potential customers is exposed to your brand the more likely they are to move from the “potential” to the “consideration” phase in becoming a new customer. In advertising studies,  as high as 90% of people remember in some way or another messages they have seen on car magnets.  Consider stop lights and traffic jams when your only options is to patiently wait (and not be on your phone..wink..wink) your mind naturally looks for something to occupy itself; your eyes start wandering around looking for something different, therefore people are more apt to read bumber stickers and advertisments. Vehicle magnets are also a great way to run promotions and sales and because they are so cost effective, it will bring higher return, maximizing profits. At the same time present you as a professional to your clients, increasing trust creating a smoother experience.

Custom car magnets are not only for advertising business but are a great idea for making your own custom bumper stickers or personalized touch on your vehicle (just be sure if you are using other people’s slogans, logos and not infringing on any copyright laws). You can really get creative with the use of magnetic car magnets from everything from your family name or car’s name to even proposing through all through a vehicle magnet. You can also use them to celebrating a graduation or even a “Just Married” while saving the car’s paint from harmful chemicals and hours of cleaning. There are limitless ideas to incorporate basic to creative advertisements and also great for personal expression for yourself or others. This cost effective solution will not do detrimental financial damage when you need to update information about your company, i.e. adding/chaging phone number or email address or physical address for needing more room because of all your new clientelle.