Put another boerewors on the braai.

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On August 18, 2013, the Out of Africa Club is hosting its annual braai at Lake Sammamish. For our American fans, imagine the best barbeque you’ve been too, not the ones that are just hamburgers and hot dogs, but a proper barbeque with pork, steaks, chicken, grilled veggies, fill it with good friends and that is what a braai is. The meat of choice at a braai is the wonderful boerewors. It is one of the better sausages that you will find. It is put on the braai in a long coil and served in a variety of ways.

We are attending this event; it would be wrong for us not to. Originally, we had planned to close, but now we have decided to stay open for the entire day. We (Natasha, Cecile, Howard, Jason) will be in to open, and for the first few hours. Our assistant baker, Kelsey, and our friend Amber will work the store for the remainder of the day. This allows us to braai, and our customers to come in for their favorite South African baked goods and drinks!

See you soon…

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