Sausage Roll as breakfast?

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IMG_4703The sausage roll is one of our best sellers; how can it not be? It’s puff pastry wrapped around a house made beef and pork sausage. Cold, hot, warm, plain or dipped in tomato sauce they are a fantastic snack.

For Americans, that combination seems perfect as a breakfast dish. But, our customers from countries familiar with the sausage roll (South Africa, England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) don’t see it as a breakfast food. To them, it’s a snack or a light lunch item.

A typical South African breakfast is bacon (shoulder bacon), eggs, baked beans or fried tomatoes, and toast. Sometimes a pre-breakfast snack of a rusk and tea is had too, followed by the breakfast later. These proper breakfasts are an every day thing, not just weekend or special occasion events.

Now, we’re not telling you not to have our sausage rolls for breakfast (we all know Jason does whenever he gets the chance); we just find food culture and how people from different areas of the world think of food interesting. Even the simple little sausage roll is affected by it.

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