Shortbread cookie, who can resist you?

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We’re always surprised when a saucer comes back with the shortbread cookie without a bite or even a nibble taken out of them. It makes us wonder why people don’t at least try them. Is it because they feel that they didn’t order the cookie? Or that it’s just a simple garnish?

The cookie is a gift for staying; we like when people share part of their day with us. Because tea is a ritual of slowing down and taking a moment, we feel that having a treat or cookie sweetens that time. Such a sentiment is common in South Africa and Europe, places where everyone stops for a break at some point in the day. A small baked good, usually a cookie of some sort, is served with your coffee or tea. 

Now, this isn’t to say that they aren’t popular. Our little shortbread cookie was one of the most requested baked items in the shop when we first opened. It wasn’t long before we introduced the large version that we have in the pastry case daily. Even though they are the same recipe, some people still request the small one; we now have those in small packs for you to purchase.

If you’ve been in and haven’t tried the cookie next to your drink, take a bite out of it: our sweet thank you for joining us at the shop.

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