Vetkoek and Boerewors Rolls!

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We are busy preparing for the specials for our one year anniversary on Sunday, June 22.

Vetkoek (Fat Cake) is a South African fried bread. It is served with butter and syrup, jam and cheese, or honey; it’s also served with savory items such as curry. This is how we will serve it on Sunday: a minced beef curry.


The other South African favorite we’ll be serving is Boerewors Rolls. Boerewors is a beef and pork sausage (ours will be beef, pork, and lamb which is also common) spiced with coriander, allspice, cloves, and other spices; it’s a very distinct flavor. Boerewors comes in a coil of sausage and is a main dish at braais. It’s also made into a boerie roll: served on a roll that is shaped like, but is more substantial and not as sweet as, a hot dog bun. You can top them with mustard, tomato sauce, and even chutney.


Starting at 12:00pm on Sunday we’ll start serving both of these dishes and will while supplies last. We’ll also have our ever popular Bunny Chow, savory pies, toasted sandwiches, and pastries all day. So, stop by and celebrate our one year anniversary with us.

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