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That might not sound as exciting as using a monster truck announcer’s voice and yelling “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!”, but at Cederberg, we’re going to make it so. As we announced in a small Facebook post, we will be staying open until 9pm on Wednesdays.  There has been a slight change though, our Wednesday schedule of staying open until 9:00pm will start on August 14. These nights will center around literature, music and art.


Two of the owners, Natasha and Jason, are poets. They met in 2010 at Antioch Los Angeles where they both earned their MFA degrees in Creative Writing: Poetry. Antioch has a belief that writers should take their work and their skills into the community to make a difference so they assign writers a “Project Period” where they do just that. Natasha spent her project period working for the Seattle art organization, quiet, serving on their Leadership Team and as an assistant editor on their literary journal, Quiet Shorts. A year later, Jason worked with quiet, leading poetry workshops in Seattle and later joined their Leadership Team.


Now you’re thinking, “but what does this have to do with Wednesday?” Cederberg and quiet have decided to work together so that every Wednesday is a quiet Wednesday. The first and third Wednesday we will host an Open Mic (fiction, poetry, music, etc.), a poetry workshop every second, and a quiet Social Night, full of games and conversation, on the fourth.


We are doing this because Jason and Natasha really want to create space for art and artists, and we want to promote quiet’s mission of being a multi-disciplinary arts community engaging in social change and personal transformation through meaningful expressions of intentional art.


For more info on quiet, head to

See you on Wednesday night!




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