Update to: Where’s Cederberg? (the contest)

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This morning when we returned to the location of our sign, we were faced with the greatest of all ironies. The sign was gone. And so the competition for our customers to find the sign, became a competition for us to find our own sign.

I have spent the morning calling various city departments in an effort to locate which department removed our sign (we are almost certain that it was removed since we found out that we weren’t supposed to attach it to a stop sign). However to no avail.

Therefore, for now, we are going to have to cancel the #wheresCederberg contest. If anyone has any idea where our sign might be, we would appreciate any help locating it.


In an effort to get our name all over Seattle, Cederberg Tea House’s A-board sign is going on a bit of an adventure. It will be placed in different areas around Seattle and surrounding area; we’ll take a pic of it and post it on Instagram and tag it #wheresCederberg. The first pic will go up this Saturday (August 24, 2013).


And here’s the contest:

1. Find the sign (the Instagram shot will have a clue).

2. Take a pic of you and the sign.

3. Post it to your Instagram. Make sure you @cederberteahouse and @cederbergtea as well as #wheresCederberg.

4. The person that posts the most locations the sign finds itself in will win a tea party for four; this includes a pot of tea (your choice) for each person and full afternoon tea with a variety of nine treats (both sweet and savory will be served).

Natasha-Jason-Wedding-479 Natasha-Jason-Wedding-355 Tea time 8














Don’t have Instagram? Post them up on our Facebook!

The sign will be in the same place for three days, so you don’t have to panic when the first pic goes up; it will also go to 10 different spots, so there are plenty of chances to find it over the thirty days!

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