Why we love tea time

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One of the goals of Cederberg Tea House is to bring South African tea time to Seattle. The idea of a morning and an afternoon break for tea isn’t common only South Africans; it’s observed in many cultures, especially those with any ties to the English. Tea isn’t running for coffee in the United States: you don’t grab your drink and go. It is a sit down, slow down time of the day.


Also, it isn’t what we in America think of as a high tea or afternoon tea. Tea isn’t always served with three tiered serving plates, the floral cups and saucers, and a wait staff taking care of you; although, we love it that way too.  But, it’s more casual than that and thus, it can take place anywhere. Tea at a cricket game? Of course! If you are overlanding, you stop for a cup of tea. Even at work, or home, a nice break from the day for tea is much enjoyed.


Here, we take that philosophy pretty seriously. We love the idea of just slowing down, meeting people, talking with friends. That is why you find us serving tea the way we do: loose tea, individual tea pot, and we give you a small cookie as a gift for staying.  We skip the large wait staff, and all the dishes. We  keep the music down, let you pick your tea treats a la cart, we bring it all out to you, and then  you get to relax and enjoy.




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