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  1. A bittersweet farewell…

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    A Bittersweet Goodbye from Cederberg Tea House…

    It is with sadness that we say our final goodbye to Seattle and our wonderful customers. After five years of getting to know you, serving you the food and drinks we love, and sharing a little slice of South Africa with you every day, it is time for us to go home.

    We want to thank each and every one of you. Over the five years, we have built wonderful relationships and are so glad to have met you all. Every one of you has in some way (big and small) contributed to making our little family run business such a wonderful success, and for that we want to sincerely thank you.

    We are sad to leave, but we are equally excited to be going back to South Africa and all the adventures that are still to come. Please follow our next journey…

    Facebook: Cederberg Tea House

    Twitter: @CederbergTea

    Instagram: Cederbergteahouse




    Natasha, Jason, Cecile and Howard.

  2. Holiday Hours

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    thanksgivingThis year , for Thanksgiving, we will be closed on November 23 and 24th.







    For Christmas we will be closed on Sunday, December 25 and Monday, December 26. We will also close early on December 24th, at 4:00pm.




    All other days and times we will operate on our normal schedule.  We look forward to sharing the holiday season with you.






  3. We will be closed Aug. 24th-28th

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    We are taking a break and going on a cruise. The store will be closed from August 24th-August 28th, but will reopen on the 29th for our normal Saturday hours.

    We look forward to having tea with you when we return from the Bahamas.



  4. Anniversary

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    You are cordially invited to celebrate

    Cederberg Tea House’s


    What better way to celebrate fathers day than to join us at Cederberg Tea House for our second anniversary

    When:  Sunday, June 21st, 2015
    Hours:  10:30am – 6:00pm

    Where:  Cederberg Tea House
    1417 Queen Anne Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98109

    What:  South African favorites will be served all day (while supplies last)
    Boerewors Rolls!
    Vetkoek filled with curry!
    Malva pudding, melktert, sausage rolls, pies, bunny chow, koeksisters
               and plenty more!

    Prizes and giveaways!

       Don’t miss out on the fun. Plan to be here.

  5. Valentine’s Day Tea

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    This year Valentine’s day is on a Saturday and we have a special tea planned for you and your sweetie. The menu is different than our usual Lady Grey Tea, and perfect for this special day.


    Valentine’s Day tea is served anytime on Valentine’s day and includes a pot of tea
    and petite versions of each of the following:

    Valentine’s Day Tea Menu



    Malva Pudding

    IMG_5920 (2)-resize

    Scone (served with jam, cheese and cream)

    Peppermint Crisp Tart

    Amarula Cheesecake

    Chocolate Banana Cake

    Strawberry Hazelnut Meringue

    Custard Cookie

    Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Pinwheel

    Sausage Roll

    Mushroom Gouda Tart

    Chicken Bacon Pasty

    Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich

    Goat Cheese and Watercress Tea Sandwich

    $29.95 per person

    Call to book your tea party today! 206-285-1352

  6. Sausage Roll as breakfast?

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    IMG_4703The sausage roll is one of our best sellers; how can it not be? It’s puff pastry wrapped around a house made beef and pork sausage. Cold, hot, warm, plain or dipped in tomato sauce they are a fantastic snack.

    For Americans, that combination seems perfect as a breakfast dish. But, our customers from countries familiar with the sausage roll (South Africa, England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) don’t see it as a breakfast food. To them, it’s a snack or a light lunch item.

    A typical South African breakfast is bacon (shoulder bacon), eggs, baked beans or fried tomatoes, and toast. Sometimes a pre-breakfast snack of a rusk and tea is had too, followed by the breakfast later. These proper breakfasts are an every day thing, not just weekend or special occasion events.

    Now, we’re not telling you not to have our sausage rolls for breakfast (we all know Jason does whenever he gets the chance); we just find food culture and how people from different areas of the world think of food interesting. Even the simple little sausage roll is affected by it.

  7. Vetkoek and Boerewors Rolls!

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    We are busy preparing for the specials for our one year anniversary on Sunday, June 22.

    Vetkoek (Fat Cake) is a South African fried bread. It is served with butter and syrup, jam and cheese, or honey; it’s also served with savory items such as curry. This is how we will serve it on Sunday: a minced beef curry.


    The other South African favorite we’ll be serving is Boerewors Rolls. Boerewors is a beef and pork sausage (ours will be beef, pork, and lamb which is also common) spiced with coriander, allspice, cloves, and other spices; it’s a very distinct flavor. Boerewors comes in a coil of sausage and is a main dish at braais. It’s also made into a boerie roll: served on a roll that is shaped like, but is more substantial and not as sweet as, a hot dog bun. You can top them with mustard, tomato sauce, and even chutney.


    Starting at 12:00pm on Sunday we’ll start serving both of these dishes and will while supplies last. We’ll also have our ever popular Bunny Chow, savory pies, toasted sandwiches, and pastries all day. So, stop by and celebrate our one year anniversary with us.

  8. Gumboot Dance

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    BootsaWe announced that on our anniversary, June 22, we’ll have Gumboot Dancers performing at 1:00pm.

    Gumboot dancing originated in southern African gold mines where workers were chained together and not allowed to speak. They devised a means of communication by stomping their Wellington boots (which were called gumboots), slapping them, and rattling their chains. It also served as a form of entertainment when drumming was outlawed by the authorities; the workers expressed rhythm and music through the Gumboot Dance.

    This video is a good demonstration of the Gumboot dance: Gumboot Dancers in South Africa

    Stop by on Sunday and enjoy Gumboot dancing along with South African baked goods, drinks, and fun!

  9. Our One Year Anniversary is Coming Up!

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    On June 22, we’ll have been in business for one year. We’ve been busy trying to decide how we’ll celebrate with our customers; so, here are things that we’ll be doing on that Sunday:

    First, a couple of South African food specials for the day (served from 12noon until they are sold out):

    Boerewors Rolls

    Vetkoek with curry

    Of course, our case will be full of all of your favorites: Malva Pudding, Sausage Rolls, Melktert, pies, etc.; we’ll also have a shipment of imported South African groceries. There will door prizes too.

    We looked hard to find some Gumboot Dancers to help us celebrate; we have a group performing at 1pm!

    We’ll post up more information about the food, dancers, and other thoughts this week.

  10. Shortbread cookie, who can resist you?

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    IMG_4675 (2)

    We’re always surprised when a saucer comes back with the shortbread cookie without a bite or even a nibble taken out of them. It makes us wonder why people don’t at least try them. Is it because they feel that they didn’t order the cookie? Or that it’s just a simple garnish?

    The cookie is a gift for staying; we like when people share part of their day with us. Because tea is a ritual of slowing down and taking a moment, we feel that having a treat or cookie sweetens that time. Such a sentiment is common in South Africa and Europe, places where everyone stops for a break at some point in the day. A small baked good, usually a cookie of some sort, is served with your coffee or tea. 

    Now, this isn’t to say that they aren’t popular. Our little shortbread cookie was one of the most requested baked items in the shop when we first opened. It wasn’t long before we introduced the large version that we have in the pastry case daily. Even though they are the same recipe, some people still request the small one; we now have those in small packs for you to purchase.

    If you’ve been in and haven’t tried the cookie next to your drink, take a bite out of it: our sweet thank you for joining us at the shop.